JAMB Exam 2020: Candidates Should Locate Their Centres Before Exam Day

One thing you wouldn’t like to happen on your exam day is being unable to locate your exam centre or arriving very late to the exam centre because you have been running around trying to locate it. For this reason, candidates taking part in the 2020 UTME are advised to locate their exam centres prior to the exam day as a crucial part of the exam preparation. Getting familiar with the directions to your centre will prevent panicking and stress on the exam day.

Please ensure you print out your exam slip before March 14th. The JAMB Examination Slip is a detailed outline of your exam centre, subjects, and time of the exam.  After re-printing your JAMB slip and seeing your centre, it is advisable to take a step further and locate your centre before the exam. Getting familiar with the directions to your centre will prevent panicking and stress on the exam day.

Inform your parents about the centre so they can accompany you in locating it if need be.

Find out about directions to your centre from reliable people. For a more techie solution, you can make use of google maps or any navigation software you’re comfortable with.

It is very important not to leave this task till the day of the exam to avoid stress, panicking and other negative emotions that can hinder your success in the exam.

In case you are yet to print your exam slip, visit this link: JAMB 2020 Exam Slip Printing Begins now to print yours.

Good luck!





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