Crisis In UNICAL As SUG President And Fin Sec. Allegedly Embezzles 3.7M – Read Details

The University of Calabar current SUG president which Reports stated that his office was resumed based on corruption from the University of Calabar, have it that the April 24th Students’ Union Government Elections which was by electronic voting and marred by irregularities and allegedly was attacked by hackers is yet to be declared inconclusive or an official result given.

Observers and some members of the Calabar University Electoral Commission(CUECO) have been approached by news men and all claim that official results where yet to be announced; stating that the commission is yet to officially react to the events of the said date, because the Vice Chancellor and the Chairman of CUECO travelled out for an official function.

As the act was about to be wash off, another report which was peeped from a secret petition submitted to the VC of the school has it that a huge amount of N470,000.00 was allegedly pull out from the University wallet by the said president (Eyam Kelvin) and his co-corrupt team member being the university financial secretary (Favour Freedom).




Aside the recent report of N470,000.00 Embezzlement, it was also noted that such corrupt act was recorded during his faculty presidential tenor in another university (CRUTECH) which he was expelled from.


Solutionclass News men who have been around campus interviewed certain students and a mixed reaction is palpable. Some students are quite happy with the rumoured outcome of the Embezzlement while some doubt the fact, stating that at least their candidates is in charge, should such corrupt act stand?. Other Students express disappointment with the system stating that a lot more was expected in a federal institution even at this level of cyber awareness and knowledge of due process, on why management will sleep on the matter for this long as clearly thousands of students are left disenfranchised over mistakes and errors that should be the sole responsibility of the those in charge of the voting, some regrets of their mistakes of not petitioning the whole issue before it gets to this point.



Reports have also emerged on social media that certain groups have given disagreements speeches, and some videos demonstrating a scam act by the said students government president, others have paraded themselves on campus made announcements and even drive the official vehicle belonging to the President. Which plays out as a continuum to the drama displayed by the SUG President, Eyam Kelvin, at the male hostel..

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