How To Register And Pass Junior Waec (BECE) 2019

How To Register And Pass Junior Waec (BECE) 2019

You may be thinking, how do I register and pass BECE 2019? Think no more because I am about to answer your questions. In this article, I will show you how to register and pass BECE once and for all.

First, you are not responsible for the online registration as a student. Just go to your school admin or principal office, make payments and submit the required details.


For school owners who wish to register their students for Junior, you are to visit For school login, you need your Username, password and school ID.

How To Pass BECE (Junior Waec) 2019

This are the steps which you can take to pass BECE exam…


1. Don’t Be Scared:

It’s normal to be scared of external exams. This is because you don’t want to disappoint your parents. However, gather courage and believe that you will pass.

It is normal to have the feeling that you have not read enough. As a matter of fact, you will always have one or two topics left uncovered. Therefore, don’t let the fear of what you have not read to weigh you down. Just make sure you do your best.

2. Believe You Can Pass

Don’t follow the general saying that “you cannot pass BECE without Expo“. Having a bad mindset alone can prepare you for correct failure. You have all it takes to pass Junior waec 2019/2020 once and for all on your own.

3. Don’t Waste Time

Time is not a handset but an asset. It is one of the greatest asset given to man equally. What you do with time determines your level of success in Junior Waec 2019.

Manage your time well so as to pass BECE. Do the needful and take away even minor distractions. Don’t spend all your day watching TV or playing games. Make sure that you focus on passing your exams.

4. Ask Questions

When you come across questions or topics you don’t understand, make sure to ask questions. Your teachers, friends and parents and there to guide you. Just be humble enough to seek help when you don’t understand anything.

For many BECE candidates, Mathematics or other calculation subjects are difficult to them and they hate it. I have written two articles that will help you out in difficult subjects

5. Use BECE Past Questions:

Past questions are what I always advise candidates preparing for any examination to use. The number of past questions you answer determines the number of future questions that you can attempt.

BECE repeats past questions and it is certain that they will repeat past questions in your exam.

Even if past questions are not repeated, yet it gives you exposure to how waec exams look like and how to answer the questions effectively.

6. Test Yourself Once In A While:

Yes! always test whether you are prepared for your Junior waec. The good news is that you will benefit much from my online examination platform. Use it to test yourself

You may be wondering, how do I test myself? By solving questions and grading yourself.

7. Increase Your Reading Time:

Effective reading is also a function of time. To pass waec gce, you must be ready to triple your study time. Learn how to study for long hours with full concentration.

If you were studying for 30 minutes daily, it is time to increase it to 1 hour and so on.

8. Read Effectively For Your Waec Gce:

Reading is very easy; anybody can do that. What is difficult is understanding and being able to remember what you have read.

If I may ask, what can you still remember from what you read last week? If you are having any challenge in reading for your exam, go through the articles below.

9. Work On Your Speed:

Speed is one of the greatest need in today’s examination. You don’t have time. Be ready to work on your thinking, problem-solving and accuracy skills so as to get the best grades. I won’t dwell much on this… I have already treated it in this my article on how to answer exam questions with the speed of light.

10. Set Targets For Your Examination:

Dreams and target are what give drive towards success. Have positive dreams and target towards your exams. If you don’t pass now, you will come back and write it again. Putting all your effort this time is worth it.

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