How To Start Reading For Waec & Jamb 2019

The most simple question most waec and Jamb candidates ask is, how do I start reading for waec/Jamb? Its normal to ask where to start reading from when it’s been long since you stopped reading.

Reading Effectively

Every year, we do have four categories of persons sitting for Waec and Jamb. The first set of persons are those writing the examinations for the very first time. So, they have very little knowledge about how things work.

The second set of persons who will sit for Waec or Jamb 2019 are those who stopped reading immediately they were denied admission in the previous years. This set of persons have lost motivation to read.

The third class of humans who will sit for 2019 examinations are those who dropped out years ago but still want to further.

Finally, we have the fourth set of persons. This table belong to those who have already been admitted. They were offered courses they don’t like (Maybe then got Native doctor instead of Medicine, etc) and as a result, want to re-write Jamb to get their desired course.

Note: If you are a parent who wishes to go back to school,  I have a separate article for you.

To begin with, there is a sharp similaritybetween the four category of persons specified above; it has been long they opened a book related to Jamb or waec.

One thing about reading is that when you leave “book” for two months, it will leave you for six months. This obeys the law of Inertia which states that a body will continue in its state of rest unless disturbed.

What does the law above imply? Your brain will continue to be away from book unless it is used to it. After forcing yourself to read for a very long time, you will notice that the spirit of reading is entering you gradually.

In essence, to start reading for waec and Jamb, you need something to activate the spirit of reading for Jamb that you have already ruined.

A question comes to mind, how do I start enjoying waec and Jamb topics again after a very long time? You don’t need to panic because I am (and will always be) here for you.

Steps To Start Preparing For Waec & Jamb 2019

Are you ready for the steps required to start reading for waec and Jamb 2019? If yes, then see them below…

1. Start Gathering Materials:

Getting the required materials is the first step you need to start preparing for waec or Jamb 2019. The essential materials you need are:

  • Textbooks
  • Jotter
  • Chair and Table
  • Calculator (If necessary)
  • Time
  • Notebooks
  • Pen
  • Syllabus
  • Waec past questions or
  • Jamb past questions

2. Get Your Brain Ready:

Your attention has been on other issues, it is time for you to draw your attention back to waec and Jamb. Take away every form of distractions or shame due to the fact that you out to have been in school by now.

Remember, what takes your attention will also take your direction.

3. Start Reading For Jamb And Waec 2019:

This is the most important part of the article. It is the point we have been beating about the bush to reach. Without wasting further time, here is how to kick-start your reading.

  • Start with the subject you love or used to love very much.
  • Open to the topic you used to love very much in the subject
  • Go through it over and over again
  • Move to another topic you love in the same subject
  • Continue doing that until you interest in reading continues to revive.


Let me break it down further. If you love Biology very much, start reading biology. If Reproduction used to be part you loved most in biology, start with it and then solve questions under reproduction. Then move to other biology topics you love.

Doing this in Biology will spark up your interesting in reading. With time, your reading appetite will activate to start reading other subjects. Everywhere stew!



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